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The FG Of President Buhari Instructed The IG Of Police To Detain Me – Oby Ezekwesili



As tweeted by Oby Ezekwesili On Her Official Twitter Page..


The FG of President .@MBuhari instructed the IG of PoliceNG to DETAIN ME AND OTHER MEMBERS of @BBOG_Nigeria here at the Unity Fountain. Police men and women have BUILT AN IMPREGNABLE WALL and LOCKED ME IN. I have asked them more than 30 times to LET ME OUT and they REFUSED.

President @MBuhari The police officers deployed by IG of .@PoliceNG is VIOLATING my FREEDOM of MOVEMENT by LOCKING ME IN in broad day light at the Unity Fountain. THIS IS A DEMOCRACY. Officer Tina Ishaya just again REFUSED TO LET ME OUT OF THEIR WALL.

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