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How To Download & Install Whatsapp On All Blackberry 10 Devices Through Google Playstore Prior To Shutdown



Whatsapp team has officially announced that as from January 2018 the whatsapp app widely used by many mobile phone users will stop working on all BlackBerry 10 devices. with this information most BlackBerry 10 users are now selling off their phones because of this. The good news is that the team from Crackberry has successfully ported the Google playstore to BlackBerry 10 and you can now install all Android apps including whatsapp. I just installed it on my BlackBerry Z30 and it is working perfectly. I have not yet tested it on other BlackBerry 10 devices but it should work. See images and process below. If you have any questions feel free to ask.



Download the 4 files listed below to your Blackberry device by clicking on the download links. Then install and run the files in the described order. Make sure that you have allowed installation of 3rd party apps in Blackberry settings -> App Manager -> App installation. Read the tips in the FAQ if you encounter any problems during installation process.

Step 1: Install Google Play Services
Install This step is very important – you won’t be able to login if this file is missing.

Step 2: Add a Google system account to your device
Install Run the app and login with your Google credentials. The app will close (minimize) if the step completed successfully (may take a few seconds). You should now be able to see your Google account in Blackberry Settings -> Accounts -> Third Party Accounts.

If you want to use the patched Google Play Services (which is NOT the same as Google Play Store), you need to install AFTER you first successfully logged in with Google Login 4.3.3. Keep in mind that Google Login 4.4.4 only works together with Google Play Services.

If you are uncertain what to do, or if you don’t understand the text above, use Google Login 4.3.3 to login.

Step 3: Register your device with Google Play
Install cobalt.blackberry.googleID. Run the app and register your device with Google Play. Close the app after successfull registration.

Step 4: Install Google Play Store
Install Run and enjoy the Play Store!

All 4 apps MUST remain installed on your device otherwise Google Play store will not work.

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