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Deadly Ijaw Militant Shot Dead, Others Escapes After A 30mins Shoot Out With Soldiers In Delta (Photos)



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The Ijaw militants of Isaba and Ogbe-Ijoh planned a two pronged attack on Aladja today,Thursday,4th January, 2018 but by the grace of God they failed.

About 12noon there was sporadic gun fire from the ONOS B beach area of College Road,Aladja. The shooting lasted for about 30 minutes before it stopped. No one from Aladja released a single shot for the duration of the shootings.And Aladja heaved a sigh of relief as the military were around to witness the shooting. And their report will attest to the fact that Aladja did not shoot a single shot.

Then,suddenly, around 6pm Isaba attacked through the main road and attacked the Military Joint Task Force base at Aladja with MGs,GPMGs,Rocket Launchers,Grenade Launchers,Bombs and other sophisticated weapons like AK 47; G3; FM rifles,to mention but a few.

But for the gallantry of the military men the Isaba militants would’ve over run the base and subsequently penetrated Aladja.

At the end of the shooting which lasted over 30 minutes one Isaba militant was dead while many escaped with bullet wounds.

The governor of Delta State,SEN. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa,should get the true story of these attacks from the Military and Mobile Police men stationed at the College Road. I am saying this now because the governor will only hear the side of the Ijaws whether lies or not.

Just now the leaders of Isaba have called saying that Aladja people came to attack Isaba and kidnapped one Isaba boy.The military man who was called told the Isaba leader said that the Isaba boys came to attack the Military base and that one of his boys had been gunned down at the Military base.

Now, to the governor, if he takes sides with the Ijaws in this matter he will face the wrath of God

See Photos below..

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