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Current Minimum Wage In Ghana 2018



What is the current Minimum wage in Ghana 2018?.. The current minimum wage given by the Ghanaian government is Ghc8 per a day, that’s eight hours but then those employees working under the government sectors do have many allowances adding up to inflate their salaries as compared to the private sector jobs where people are hired on contract terms and categorizing them as Casuals with a daily mark of Ghc14 to Ghc16 for 8 or 12 hours daily without any allowances attached..


Cheap labour is really a big problem in the country and I think that has to be addressed properly to curb the the suffering.

People working in some private sector companies cannot even afford to buy just one tin of Milo to use for breakfast because the price of that will consume almost 95% of their hard earned daily Mark so then this will always subject people working so hard and being paid peanut find it extremely difficult to eat properly… I have been there and I know how it feels

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