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Which Course In The Tertiary Institutions Does Not Require Mathematics In Ghana



I have come across so many questions concerning subjects that does not require mathematics in Tertiary institutions particularly in Ghana Universities and colleges of education.


So today i have decided to list out few but comprehensive subjects or courses that does not require much of Mathematics knowledge that a student with this fear phobic about the hectic struggle involved in dealing with mathematics related problems can handle in Ghana Institutions.

Courses that Doesn’t Require Mathematics

• Languages (English,Ghana traditional Languages)
• Criminology and Security studies
• Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
• Mass Communication
• French and International Relations
• Christian Theology
• Islamic Studies
• Political Science
• History
• Philosophy
• Social studies
• psychology
• Law

Science Courses that Requires little Mathematics

As we all know, Mathematics is the backbone of science, the foundation on which calculation is built, but it is almost Mission impossible to find a science course that doesn’t requires mathematics. However, Dailyschoolnews Nigeria team was able to compile the list some courses that requires little or no calculation in it.

However, what you need to know is that mathematics may be among the compulsory requirements for the under listed courses, but during the course of study a students may not undergo intense calculation like in sevral .

• Nursing
• Biology
• Zoology
• Botany
• Anatomy
• Geography
• Agriculture
• Veterinary medicine

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