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Buhari Must Retire In 2019, Mbaka’s Prophecy May Be True – Arewa Youth Forum Reacts



The Arewa united youth forum  has told president Muhammadu Buhari to consider his  retirement  as true following a prophecy released by popular Cleric, Father Mbaka.


In a statement issued on Sunday, the president of the group, Alhaji Shuaibu Dansudu advised the president to shelve any idea of re-contesting in 2019. He urged the president to emulate Nelson Mandela and Abdulsalam Abubakar.

“I will advise that the President live up to his promise that he wanted to rule for just one term because of his age and health conditions. He should just allow fresh people to come on board. He should just leave now that the ovation is loud and emulate the likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa who ruled for a single term and handed over. By that singular action, Mandela became a reference figure not only in Africa but also in the entire world.

Buhari should tread the path of honour by Abubakar Abdusalam who handed over to civilian government after spending a short term. That act also made the entire world to respect him. My belief is that whatever you are doing ensure you leave it before it leaves you.

Buhari has really tried his best particularly in the area of security but we must understand that Nigeria has people who are equally capable and who have what it takes to move the nation forward. There are people who by virtue of their experiences, having served meritoriously in several capacities, that equally have what it takes to rule Nigeria. If those people are given the chance to contest they will start from where Buhari will stop and will even surpass his achievements. Buhari should leave the stage and join the league of respected fathers of the nation like Obasanjo. He has done his best.”

Reacting to Mbaka’s prophecy,

“Mbaka’s statement is just a prediction and anybody can make predictions on anything. We should not lose the sight of the fact that predictions are not cast in iron- it can turn out to be true and sometimes it may not.

Some people make predictions and they come to pass simply because God has destined such things to happen while some predict but it will never come to pass because God does not want it to happen.”

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