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Biafra: Igbos Did Not Like What Nnamdi Kanu Was Doing.. But They Were Afraid To Speak Up – Joe Igbokwe



The Publicity Secretary of the Lagos State All Progressives Party (APC), Joe Igbokwe, says igbos hate what Nnamdi Kanu was doing during his Agitation for Biafra campaign but they were afraid to speak up


Joe Igbokwe in an interview with the Thenationonlineng stated that what Nnamdi Kanu and his group did in Southeast in the name of Biafra will never repeat itself again.


When asked.. PDP may consider the Southeast for the Vice President in 2019, don’t you think it will reduce the support for Buhari?

He Replied.. We have had the position before; the offering of a VP slot does not make any big deal to the Southeast. We are tired of occupying that position. I am very sure the east will support Buhari, so that in 2023, other people will support us for the presidency. The east has to vote massively during the Presidential election to support Buhari. If anyone is offering them VP with the view of holding them down, they should reject jt. After all, the Yoruba rejected Shonekan, who was the Interim head of state.

We have to vote for other people for them to also vote for us in return. A lot is at stake in Nigeria, the Igbo have made lots of investment in Nigeria. I know their investments in Lagos, Abuja and the north generally. You cannot in one fell swoop, endanger all that the Igbo have laboured for. If we decided to return to the Southeast, it will not contain us. In fact, the type confusion that will accompany such a decision can only be imagined. Nigeria provides a comfortable place for Igbo enterprise to thrive and they must not throw it away.

I must say that our people did not like what the young man, Nnamdi Kanu was doing. It was just that they were afraid to speak up. When people like us spoke, they insulted us, and you can see how the whole thing ended. It will never repeat itself again; much more getting to the extent it got before. You don’t play with your life, you lost all that you had in 1970 after 47 years, and you want to tow the same line again.

The world is talking about population and you are talking about small population. The world is talking about a larger market. Our people are responsible for the importation of most goods in the country. A larger Nigeria is better for the Southeast because they are the importers. I told them that as an elder, what I bend forward to see, they may not see it. By virtue of my long stay in Lagos, I know the investment the Igbo have made in Lagos. So, it is only a madman that would like to throw away all that the people had gathered over time.

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