Man Beaten To Near Death For Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife In Lagos (Photos)


A man was beaten mercilessly and left injured for allegedly sleeping with another man’s wife. Facebook user, Fortune Eshio Chaba, who lives in Lagos took the the platform to share pictures of the man and his swollen black eye after the beating.

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He wrote;

They beat him black, red and black for sleeping with another person’s wife! Stay away from people’s wives!


  1. Please you that are beating him are okay? What you have to do is to preach for his repeatance and tell him that what he did is not good in sight of God and man. Let me ask this question as you beat him can it stops him not to do it again. I’m fact, you yourself are not in position of beating that many because you are a sinñer. Please take correction on what we were doing. Remain blessed.


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