Meet The Largest Micro SD Card With 512GB Of Storage Released By SanDisk

Meet The Largest Micro SD Card With 512GB Of Storage Released By SanDisk
A new king is here: The Integral Memory’s 512GB micro SD Card, It packs a whooping 512GB of storage(Which is half a terabyte) in a tiny chip. Just don’t even imagine to lose such a chip.

It was recorded that in Q3 of 2017, SanDisk released a 400GB micro SD Card. This made them attain a world record for largest Micro SD Card on the market. Though, This record was short-lived as barely a year after this, Integral Memory’s upped their game and released a 512GB micro SD Card.

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It has been rumored that the micro SD Card would run at a processing speed up to 80MB/s. Although, This is a nice speed but when compared to SanDisk’s 400GB Micro SD Card which runs at 100MB/s, The Integral Memory’s card is a bit slow.

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The new Micro SD Card is also classified as an SDXC UHS-I U1 card (i.e, it has a minimum write speed of 10MB/s) and meets the V10 standard for video transfer rates, so it’s designed to capture full HD video off cameras.

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The date of official release hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s going to be launched and available in the open market sometime in February.


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