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In 2018, Never Use Your Mouth To Speak Negative About Nigeria.. Each Time You Wake Up In The Morning.. Say ”God Bless Nigeria” – Jonathan Warns Nigerians



We all love Nigeria and want the best for her, so no matter what may happen in, to and about Nigeria, never use your mouth to speak negatively about Nigeria. From our mouths must proceed good things about Nigeria. Our speech must add value to Nigeria. When we do this, 2018 will emerge better than 2017 especially if the first thing you say when you get up each morning is God bless Nigeria.


This year 2018, it is also my prayer that the dreams and aspirations of Nigerians will be empowered. That our people will look up with confidence that Nigeria has a place for each and everyone one of them. I also urge that as we embrace the new year, we embrace unity even amongst ourselves, and may we not forget, that for Nigeria to truly succeed, we have to succeed together.

Happy New Year to you and your family from my family and I. GEJ.

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