2019: Nigerian Man Tries To Commit Suicide in Abuja On A Bill Board To Show Support For A Presidential Aspirant (Photos)


Nigerian man prevented from committing suicide in support of a presidential aspirant .

According to facebook user who shared the news…

What I saw at Nicon junction in the Maitana axis of Abuja this Monday morning went a long way to remind me that here( Nigeria) is nothing but a drama theatre.

On my way to work today, we drove to Nicon junction, we met a young man seated on an advert galary above the ground with rope tied round his neck, a poster of a presidential aspirant stick on his cloth and 2019 boldly inscribed on his white agbada (native wear). He wore a white shoes to match and a pair of eye glasses

People gathered, include force men since it’s a traffic moment, almost all stopped over to understand what was happening. The young man through the help of some Nigerians was untied and helped to climb down from the galary!

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According to popular opinion, He planed to commit suicide as a show of support to the Presidential aspirant!

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Now, my questions are:
1) Where on this earth is threat to commit suicide a way of projecting opinion?
2) What has a presidential aspirant and 2019 to do with a young man attempting to take his own life?
3) When will Nigerian youths realize that these elderly really do not have our future in their agenda?
4) Those that trecked from Lagos to Abuja in 2015, can they still treck from Amac to Gwagalada for the same reason today?
5) Is this how we(the youths) will form leaders of tomorrow?

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These and many other questions are demanding answers to. And as we are few months away from another decisive moment (general election), we can only do ourselves a favour by tactfully discharging our civic right of voting with your future in mind and not pocket for immediate gratification!

God bless Nigeria



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