7 Reasons For Indirect Rule In Nigeria


Indirect Rule In Nigeria Is system of administration used by the British colonial government to govern the people through the use of traditional rulers and traditional political institutions. The indirect rule system was introduced into to Nigeria by Lord Fredrick Lugard who was known to be the father of indirect rule in Nigeria.

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7 Reasons For Indirect Rule In Nigeria

1. Lack of adequate manpower to effectively control Northern Nigeria. Most of the Europeans were afraid of contracting tropical diseases such as malaria.

2. Indirect rule was less costly. The African chiefs would work at little or no pay at all.

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3. So as to enable Africans to adjust to colonization without losing their identity.

4. So as to counter/minimize African resistance to the British rule by using local leaders at lower levels.

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5. Most parts of the protectorate were inaccessible due to poor means of transport and communication.

6. Indirect rule had succeeded in other countries such as Uganda and India.

7. There was already a good system of government in Nigeria based on Sharia law.


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