Fani Kayode Reveals The Leader Of Fulani Terrorist Group Behind The Recent Massacre In Benue State


Fani Kayode has revealed the true leader of Fulani herdsmen beehind the total inhuman massacre in Benue State who he said had claimed involvement in the killiing of over 33 persons in Benue yet he is left walking freely without pronoucing judgement on him.

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In his speech Mr Kayode said Garus Gololo, leader of the Fulani terrorists in Benue, says his people carried out the massacres yet he walks free. Again the terrorists had the guts to say that the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Benue will not end until Benue changes its grazing laws. Can u believe that?

It is shameful that whilst his people are being slaughtered like flies by the Fulani, Chief Paul Unongo, a man that I have always liked and respected, will point fingers at VP Atiku, one of the few Fulani leaders who has openly condemned the genocidal activities of the herdsmen”.


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