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EDXCEL Exam Timetable 2018/2019


EDXCEL Exam Timetable 2018/2019

Pearson EDXCEL Exam Timetable  for  2018/2019 is Out Check Guidelines And Link Below


Below you’ll find exam timetables for all UK and international Edexcel, LCCI and BTEC examinations, plus details of any amendments.

January 2018 

The January 2018 Final timetables are available.

A final resit opportunity is available for GCSE Science (2SC01) and Additional Science (2SA01) in January 2018.

Please note: This resit opportunity is only available for GCSE Science and only students who have taken any GCSE Science qualification previously or who had good reason not to have taken one (such as illness) or who are 16 or above by 31 August 2017 can take these exams.

May-June 2018

The May-June 2018 Final timetables are available.

To Check  EDXCEL Exam Timetable For 2018/2019 Click The Link  Here

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