Globacom To Officially Acquire 9mobile On 16th January 2018


Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has finally approved the deal of  selling  9mobile  to the grandmasters of data Globacom Nigeria on 16th of January, 2018. The deal, has been approved by NCC and the said date of handover won’t be postpond.

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According to bidders, Glo has successfully acquired 9mobile and this would make Glo the largest telecommunication network in Nigeria. This is happening after 9mobile got a change of name from Etisalat to 9mobile

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I won’t say this is a bad one anyway, but let’s just hope it gets well with them.

According to NCC, and Stakeholder Management, they confirmed that the handover and transactions of 9mobile to the new buyer will be concluded on 16th of January, 2018.

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This will give Globacom the full access to 9mobile, including access to their database and information. Let’s just hope Glo would improve their network coverage after fully acquiring 9mobile.


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