Daddy Freeze Reacts To RCCG Ban Of Unauthorized Publication Of “Open Heaven”

Daddy Freeze known for this freetTheSheeple movement, just posted this on his Instagram page.


What is calling for attention is the information on the third paragraph of the memo, below.

So, He is asking if the memo is actually from Redeemed Christian Church Of God.

Someone sent this to me…. Could it be true? Or it’s just photoshop?

If it is not true then fine.. but if it is, why should it be illegal to ‘share’ open heavens? Isn’t it the ‘word of God’? From a man of God? You see the way I beg people to share my messages why can’t they do same?

Also with 34,000 branches according to the website and so many pastors who must each have a copy, that’s thousands of copies sold within the church alone, are you seeing what I am seeing? ~FRZ


Come to think of it, it’s actually a good thing as one aunty in my estate forum is always disturbing our lives with ‘open heaven’ every morning���


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