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Ghana Water Company Recruitment 2018 – [SEE HOW TO APPLY] – www.gwcl.com.gh

Ghana Water Company Recruitment 2018 – [SEE HOW TO APPLY]


This post will glance you through on everything you need to know about Ghana Water Company Recruitment 2018.

About Ghana Water Company…

Ghana Water Company (formerly Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation, Aqua Vitens, and Rand Limited) is the majority provider of water utility services in Ghana.

In the pre-colonial era, inhabitants of what is now Ghana primarily drew their water directly from natural sources such as streams, lakes, and rivers. Prior to World War I, the first public water system was established in the then Gold coast by the British who were then colonizing the Gold Coast. In by that time the 1920s, other major towns and cities started having water systems which were built purposely to be used in some urban areas, including Winneba, Kumasi, and the then colonial capital Cape Coast.

Ghana Water Company Limited was established on 1 July 1999, following the conversion of Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation into a state-owned limited liability company under the Statutory Corporations (Conversion to Companies) Act 461 of 1993 as amended by LI 1648.

GWCL has offices and stations across Ghana including regional and district offices which oversee the provision of potable water in their respective geographic locations.

Ghana Water Company Limited Departments

Water Quality Assurance

Responsible for developing, directing, monitoring and controlling of strategies, policies and procedures for implementing cost effective treatment and supply of potable water.

Key Result Areas



The department is in charge of planning, directing, controlling and monitoring activities in the areas of effective and efficient meter reading, billing and collections, arrears management, non-revenue water management, and customer relationship management.

Key Result Areas


Human Resources and Administrative Services

This department is responsible for establishing and maintaining human resources management and supportive logistics systems to facilitate the delivery of the corporate strategic objectives and the expected results under the key result areas of GWCL’s core business.

Key Result Areas


Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting Department is in charge of managing the company’s financial resources to ensure high returns and financial sustainability.

Key Result Areas


Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning department is in charge of building a shared understanding of the corporate plan among all stakeholders and developing guidelines and monitoring system to ensure the timely preparation and effective implementation of the plan.

Key Result Areas


Project Planning and Development

Project Planning and Development department is responsible for stablishing a water sector development, investment planning, and contract management systems for works to meet the growing demand for improved service.

Key Result Areas


Business Development

The Business Development department has the responsibility to lead in the development of business opportunities which GWCL can exploit within the context of its mandate and coordinate, support and monitor existing subsidiary business operations to ensure their financial viability and contribution to the financial sustainability of GWCL.

Key Result Areas


Lands and Estates

Responsible for managing the estates and lands of the Company.

Key Result Areas


Geographic Information Systems

Responsible for providing a geographic framework for managing the distribution, customer care operations and other GIS needs of the Company.

Key Result Areas


Water Resources

Responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring of strategies, policies and procedures for sustainable usage of water resources.

Key Result Areas


Legal Services

The Legal Services department has the responsibility to contribute to corporate mission achievement by providing a clear understanding of the laws and regulations related to the water sector specifically and the business environment generally, and advise on compliance so as to avoid infringements, losses and penalties.

Key Result Areas


Internal Audit

Internal Audit department is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations so as to provide reasonable assurance that the objectives of GWCL are being achieved.

Key Result Areas



The Department is responsible for providing value for money purchasing and supply services to help the company to achieve its strategic goals.

Key Result Areas


Public Relations

The Public Relations Department is responsible for preparing and developing stakeholder and Public Relations strategies, plans and programs and implementing them to ensure the building and maintenance of good corporate image for the Company.

Key Result Areas

How To Apply For Ghana Water Company Limited Recruitment 2018 (GWCL)

 Interested candidates who wish to apply should send their CV via email at info@gwcl.com.gh with the subject; RECRUITMENT.
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