Nigeria To Risk Helps From USA After Voting Against USA In Favor Of Palestine [SEE FULL LIST OF COUNTRIES THAT VOTED & AGAINST USA]

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Nigeria be prepared for maybe the worst to come as USA says they will withdraw help from countries that voted against them. Instead of Nigeria To Abstain from such Vote we voted for a nation that as never benefited us in any form apart from promoting terrorism.

The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday defied warnings from the United States and overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning the Trump administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and calling on countries not to move their diplomatic missions to the city.

A total of 128 countries voted in favor of the text, defying President Donald Trump’s threat — forcefully reiterated in an address before the vote by US envoy Nikki Haley —  to cut aid to countries that opposed the motion.

Below is the List of countries That voted for and against USA by the way Togo voted in Favor of USA while Benin Republic Abstained from Voting.


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