Get 100% Per 15 days.. All You Need To Know About GDC Ghana (Global Donation Community) –

Get 100% Per 15 days.. All You Need To Know About GDC Ghana (Global Donation Community) –
December 19
08:08 2017

Get 100% Per 15 days.. All You Need To Know About GDC Ghana (Global Donation Community) –

GDC is a global mutual financial community made up of people of the same aim which is to bridge the Financial Gap between the Rich and the Poor. Members of this community are aware of the extreme poverty that separates the Poor from the Rich. They therefore unite to cause a change in the financial world of our Globe.

How can this be done? To break this bond and cause an indefinite change in the world’s financial system isn’t easy. But in GDC we came together to say “yes it is very It can be Done”. Members of this lovely community give financial help to each other and are warmly appreciated by each other for giving such help. By so doing, we believe that in the very near future, there wouldn’t be a poor or rich man on the Globe because there will be financial equity.

How It Works

Provide Help Routine

You declare willingness to Provide Help (PH) of your spare money through your Back Office. Click on the provide help (PH) button to enter an amount you which to provide as a donation, agree to the warning and click “Commit”. Reward starts to grow the very date and hour you pledged to provide help at the pace of 6.666% per day, which in total is 100% in 15 days. 20% of your PH amount is matched to be donated to a participant who needs your help immediately. After you must have completed the PH process, uploaded the proof Of Donation (POD) and it’s confirmed, the remaining 80% PH will be matched later. Maximum number of hours given to complete a donation order is 48hrs. Therefore make sure money is available before clicking the Provide Help button.

Get Help Routine

The maturity/release date is 7 days after a successful PH, you’re free to Get Help (GH) from other participants if you wish, you can allow your rewards to grow to 100% in 15 days before getting help. Click on the Get Help button. All your rewards will be listed for you to choose, you’re entitled to include your matured bonuses. Measure puts in place in the system warrants you to recommit a 25% of your total GH amount. This rules are created to curtail excessive GH of bonuses, creation of multiple accounts to illegally acquiring bonuses and to discourage “hit and run participants” and also, more importantly, to maintain equilibrium in the system and to ensure that at all times, PH is available in the community. OUR AIM IS SUSTAINABILITY. The 25% recommitment Donation is still yours, and will continue to grow immediately and you can GH it when it is matured/released normally 7 days

Referral Bonus

10% Referral Bonus Guaranteed
You will get 10% from all donations of the Member(s) you invited. Inviting new members into the Platform is your additional contribution to its development.
Although Nobody forces a member of the Platform to invite new Members. But at the same time, understanding that GDC can’t excel without development and member’s encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivates many people to take an active position.

Manager Bonuses

These uncommon bonuses aren’t easily found but a promise in GDC. Its pays to be a responsible leader. Managers of this Community can create their own multi-level structures and get a bonus from each donation of every participant in their structures. This is a multi-level bonus, thus a Manager can have his own leader whose rank is higher. Manager’s bonus depends on his level in the Community: Managers get to enjoy bonuses to the 4th generation.

  1. 5% bonuses on 1st level Down lines
  2. 3% bonuses on 2nd level Down linesL
  3. 2% bonuses on 3rd level Down linesL
  4. 1% bonuses on 4th level Down linesL

Letter of Happiness

3% Letter of Happiness Bonus
You will get 3% Whenever you write a letter of Happiness about getting help and upload it to your facebook wall, copy the link of your facebook letter of happiness and paste in the space provided.

How To Apply & Register

Click here to register>>>

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