ASCON Past Questions & Answers | Administrative Staff College Of Nigeria Past Questions And Answers

December 02
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ASCON Past Questions & Answers | Administrative Staff College Of Nigeria Past Questions And Answers


The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria is a degree awarding institution located at Topo, a town in Badagry, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria.

The college was founded in 1973 by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the Military era as a management development institution for training staffs the civil service

The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria was established by the Federal Government, through Decree No.39 of 1973, now ASCON Act, Cap. 6, Vol. 1 LFN 1990. In ASCON, we recognize the critical need for effective leaders at all levels of organizations in the country. As part of our renewed effort to continue to support and enhance the capacity and capability of these organizations, we have put measures in place to be a centre of excellence for the development of leadership in both public and private sector organizations. Our overarching aspiration, as the foremost management development institute in Nigeria, is to create a critical mass of leaders at all levels in the country with the burning passion, integrity, creativity, character, intellect and commitment to serve the country honestly, efficiently, diligently, honourably and professionally.

In addition to the various training programmes, ASCON offers management consultancy services to assist client organizations to improve performance, organizational design, strategy formulation, work processes, methods and systems, and implement planned change, among other things. It also conducts action research as a means of improving public and corporate policies, development strategies, administrative systems and promoting good practices among organizations.As part of the College effort to create an enabling environment for learning, all training rooms in the College have been fully fitted with modern furniture and state- of-the-art equipment. In the same vein, all participants’ accommodation have been renovated and fully furnished to world class standards. ASCON also provides 24/7 power supply to ensure maximum comfort of participants and staff.

There are basic things you need to know before embarking on the exam. let me list some of them

ASCON is not a too difficult exam, but yet people still fail it as a result of lack of preparation and necessary info before writing the exam. There are basic things you need to know before embarking on the exam. let me list some of them:

1. you need to have basic knowledge of statistics, you need to be current with old and new happenings in Nigeria and elsewhere, you should be able to write a good English essay and knowledgeable on how to answer difficult comprehension questions etc.

2. Do everything possible to score at least a B. But try and make an A. let me tell u something you may not know, ASCON, awards their grade based on your ability to have a pass mark in all the four papers you are required to write. For example, for you to make an A, you must at least score 40, (which is the pass mark in ASCON) in each of the papers you wrote. That’s you are required to score 40 in English lang, logical thinking, statistical inferences, and General paper. Therefore, if you score less than 40 in any of the papers you will not make an A. if you score less than 40 in only one paper you will make B and it goes like that. so the secret is that you don’t need to make big scores in any of the papers, just concentrate on making a pass mark in each of the papers. Most people who make less than A in ASCON, doesn’t know about this.

3. You have to read hard because most people you will see there are civil servants who are mostly not prepared for the exam, hence they always depend on any young person around them.

4. Finally, if you want to pass then don’t joke with their pass question papers and study pack. if you study them religiously, I bet you will make an A. ASCON is important especially if you have ambition in working in govt. MDAs as it will elevate you to a higher position than somebody who doesn’t have it. Remember, it is a form of promotional exam for civil servants.

ASCON Past Questions & Answers | Administrative Staff College Of Nigeria Past Questions And Answers

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ASCON Official Office Address

Address: Ascon is located at Topo – Badagry,
8km from Badagry roundabout, Badagry – Seme Express Way 86km from Mile 2, Lagos.
Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria.
P.M.B 1004 Topo-Badagry, Lagos

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