It’s Annoying To Say ”Forget Biafra” – Ikedife To Nwodo

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President of South East Elders Forum, and former President, Ohanaeze, Dr. Dozie Ikedife says Ohanaeze President, Nwodo shouldn’t have asked igbos to forget biafra.

According to Dr. Ikedife, what Chief Nwodo said was his personal opinion. “It is an important thing to let him know that he is talking about war. Nobody is talking about war. The Supreme Council of the Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra is not talking of war; they are talking of legal process, diplomatic process, dialogue, consultations and discussions. Nobody is talking about war.


“To say, forget Biafra is annoying to many people. If you lost two or three of your children to kwashiorkor, if you lost your husband or wife to air raid during the war, how can somebody legitimately ask you to forget Biafra? If you lost the only house you have in Rivers State that was declared an abandoned property, how can you forget Biafra?

“To tell people to forget wounds inflicted on their psyche, on their economy, on their future is to talk nonsense”, the former Ohanaze boss said.

He queried if actualisation of self-determination means war. “Actualisation of self determination must be by war? The answer is No.

“After all, the United Nations, African nations and by extension, Nigeria, have at one time or the other enacted that, group of indigenous people have right to self-determination. They didn’t say they have the right to war.

“The way Chief Nwodo was emphasizing war is as if that was the only option for self-determination. War is by no way one of the options. Certainly for some us, beyond negotiation, legal process, dialogue and diplomatic processes, there is no question of war; there is no question of even hard words”, Ikedife said.


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