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Yes Am A Gay.. I Will Go To Hell – Bobrisky Blows Hot

Yes Am A Gay.. I Will Go To Hell – Bobrisky Blows Hot
November 06
20:32 2017

Bobrisky has officially come out as gay after assumptions and speculations going around town.


This is coming after he was slammed for saying he squirts for his bae.

In a post, which Bobrisky hurriedly deleted, a few minuted posting, he confirmed his sexuality. In the post, he ranted as usual. But what was most unusual was when he pointedly referred to himself as gay.

“All this house boys and girls coming to drop comment on page are you all stupid? Do you think your hate comments can change me? Why are you trying so hard to get my attention?

“F**k off my page, and go and find something meaningful to do with your life. Just this morning I have mad up to 750,000 hustle still continue. You are here wasting your mb on someone else life style.

If all your insult bothered me, I should have stopped posting here. Yes am gay, I will go to hell fire. Thanks. Please what else? Am tired of that same words. I wanna hear something new. Cheers.”

And of course, Bobo doesn’t want to spend 14 years in jail, which is probably why he took down the post quickly.

For a really long time, Risky’s social media presence became a sensation. And with his fame, came questions about his sexuality.

This is because Bob enjoys dressing in female clothings, wearing weaves, wigs, and heels

He continued in another post;

“Fuck celebrity, fuck fake friends, fuck haters. Live your life to please yourself not anybody. If u like have 1billion followers I careless about that.

Micheal Jackson was d top world celebrity den with so much followers. Biko where is he today? MKO was one of d richest man in Nigeria den pls where is he now.

If u like love me or hate me is your business.d FACT still remains no one can make u happy only u can make urself happy ”

So yeah, if you have been wondering what Bobrisky’s real sexuality is, you got the answer today.

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