Top 15 Major Mistakes Nigerian Bloggers Make Everyday

Top 15 Major Mistakes Nigerian  Bloggers Make Everyday
November 07
06:00 2017

Good morning fellow bloggers,


Today, I have a little note for you all the way from bloggershub, We are discussing 15 major and common mistakes bloggers make.

Trying To Be Perfect: [/b]You are a newbie in your niche or you don’t know much about what you are blogging about. Yet, you sound Pro in your article. So, your readers need anwers to their problems and you find it difficult to answer or resolve.

Not Planning Ahead:

This is a big mistake made, not planning ahead for your blog make it return to the grave. As a blogger, you must plan ahead for your blogging career. Make plan lists, what you will do and acquire before a certain time or period. This shows seriousness and make you focus.

No Email list Or Way For People To Sign up:

When you blog lacks option in form or subscriber’s form, you are definitely missing a lot. Engage and making an email list gives you more control of your audiences, you generate more trust with them and even convert to leads.
For you: How To Create Email Subscribers List On Your Blog

Treating Your Blog As A Hobby Instead Of Business:

You do think you are blogging for passion, but why limit it to that. If you treat your blog as passion, you won’t dedicate yourself much to it, but, when you see it as a business, you will definitely want it to strive.

Too Much Comparing:

So you are not satisfied with your blog and keep peeping at a competitor’s blog, hoping to add whatever features included there. This is really a bad idea, it takes much of your time and this means you are slacking. Stop comparing and focus on what will build yours. Your competitors don’t know you exist or even for once checked your blog to compare, instead they keep making theirs unique.

Bad Blog Titles: You must have known is before, it kills a blog too. When you just post contents with dull titles, it will definitely not get out of your blog. Readers won’t be eager to know what’s in it, you know the rest.

No Images:

Do you do this? Even if I visited your blog and no image is present in your article, I will hit the back button. Images speaks lot more about the topic been discussed. Try and insert at least an image to your every posts.

Buying Too Much For Your Blog:

you are just starting out and you want all premium plugins and themes, you are just wasting money. Only go for plugins and theme you need at present. I personally go for free trials first, if I find the service cool and good, I will then pay for it if worthwhile.

Too Much Thinking, Not Enough Doing:

At times you think you need to write more and more, promote more and more. That’s not good. Make sure when you writing, you don’t go off niche, don’t over publish, this leads to irrelevant articles. Make your doings moderate.

Not Monitoring Your Traffic:

You created your blog and published articles without checking out your blogs performance, you don’t even know how to check your traffic details. This won’t let you know who your visitors are and which aspect is lacking and which is getting viral on your blog.

Not Having A Reader Avatar:

This is what makes your blog visitors have a bit knowledge about who they want to trust, who their teacher is. If you don’t include an avater on your author section, it discourages readers and they think you blog is not professional or still under construction.

Not Being Real And 100% You:

Are you a copy paste blogger? Do you claim ownership of articles or tutorials not yours. These are what you should avoid and make yourself real, use your own written articles and self created tutors on your blog.

Not Using Keywords And SEO:

You must have known how important this aspect is when it comes to ranking on search engines.

Not Having Categories:

So you put all your articles uncategorised? Make a category for your blog posts for easy navigation by readers, it helps in SEO too.

Not Having A Blog Idea List:

Another mistake you must avoid, not having a blog topic list idea. It kills your blog and drives traffic out. Always make lists of what you will be posting on.


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