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Sheffield Woman,Chelsea Willis Receives Knife Cuts From A Man As She Walked her dog (Photos)



A woman was slashed by a man with a knife as he tried to steal her dog in a Sheffield street. Chelsea Willis, aged 27, was taking her dog, Dex, for a walk last night when she was confronted by a man with a knife who tried steal the Terrier cross breed. Chelsea Willis was slashed in an attack in Handsworth Chelsea Willis was slashed in an attack in Handsworth He attempted to snatch the lead Chelsea was holding and then produced a knife during the incident on St Joseph’s Road, Handsworth, at 11.30pm.


As Chelsea fought the man off he lashed out with the blade, slashing her repeatedly across her arms. Chelsea, a retail worker at Meadowhall, had her wounds treated at hospital and said she is thankful she was not more seriously injured. “I was just walking along the road when this man appeared in front of me from nowhere and tried to grab the dog but I would not let go of the lead,” she said. Chelsea’s wounds were treated at hospital Chelsea’s wounds were treated at hospital “He then started swinging for me with a knife, as though he was aiming for my face. “I put my arms up to protect myself and he just kept slashing me.

“He said something but I don’t know what as it all happened so quickly, it was a blur.” She said her dog, Dex, started barking at the attacker before he fled empty-handed. A man with a knife slashed a woman in Handsworth last night A man with a knife slashed a woman in Handsworth last night He was white, aged in his late 20s or early 30s and was around 6ft tall. A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “Enquiries are ongoing after officers received a report of a woman being assaulted in St Joseph’s Road in Handsworth, Sheffield, at 11.30pm last night. “Additional police patrols will be conducted in the area in order to provide reassurance to local residents.” Handsworth residents, posting on an online community forum, are calling for a public meeting with the police in the wake of the attack. Trevor Partoon said: “What the hell is happening around here? Burglaries, car crime, anti-social behaviour all seem to be out of control and now nutters with knives roaming the streets.

“Despite the claims otherwise you never see a copper. How bad is it when ordinary folk have to be constantly looking over their shoulders?” Gill Silk added: “This is absolutely disgusting what is happening. I think we need a public meeting with the police, something has to be done now, this is ridiculous.” And Kerry Swann posted: “Something needs sorting. Can’t go on like this – rogues running around causing harm and damage. I agree we need to have a community meeting with the police and council before someone get seriously hurt.” Kelly Thacker, who has lived in Handsworth for 30 years said: “It’s getting so bad round here. Lived in Handsworth 30 years and never felt as scared as I do living here at the moment.” Ian Mycroft posted: “They may superficial wounds this time, but it’s a very fine line between superficial and life threatening or even fatal in a knife attack.” Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.

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