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To Have Sex With A Lady These Days, Just Look At Her She Will Follow You – Veteran Actor, Akin Lewis

To Have Sex With A Lady These Days, Just Look At Her She Will Follow You – Veteran Actor, Akin Lewis
November 02
08:14 2017

Veteran actor, Akin Lewis, is of the opinion that it was hard to see lady’s paint while he was growing up, but it is a different story in today’s world.


In a new interview with Punch, he said, “My time was different and the girls were brought up better than the ladies of these days. Those were the days when you had to woo a girl. You had to write poems and love letters. These days, you don’t need to woo any girl, just look at her and she would follow you. This is something that I have seen. In our generation, you rarely saw people have children out of wedlock. There were a few cases, but 80 per cent of us waited to get married before having children.

According to him also, in his early days as an actor, he always ran from women because they were coming in plenty.

He stated, “We can hang out, but when it is getting personal or sexual, then I take a bow and leave. If I had to sleep with every woman that had approached me since I started this work, I would probably be dead by now. At this level, my wife is more like my companion, we talk and she gives me sound advice. At a particular age, I was not interested in advice, but to just jump into the car and headed to the club. I have always run away from women; I mean I literally run from them. We can be friends, but when it is becoming something else, I run.

The one I ended up marrying got it right because when the others were always there to go to the clubs and parties, she was not. They were always flocking around me because they wanted to be seen as my girlfriends. But the lady I ended up getting married to never did that and even when she showed up, she would just sit down quietly despite the number of girls she saw around with me. That was how I knew she was the one. We got married eventually and she had children for me before the marriage fell apart.”

He, however, admitted that he felt bad when his first marriage crashed, stating that they had all sorts of problems.

“If a woman does not want you, there is nothing you can do about it. We tried everything, ranging from counselling, couples therapy, everything. You should know that before a marriage breaks up, it does not start in a day. The little things that never mattered became big issues. Everyone was brought on board to help us sort our differences out; our church and family also intervened, but it just did not work with her because she was the one who left. We tried reconciling for a year, but she called it off.”

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