See YouTube New Guidelines – One Of Them Is To Protect Kids From Disturbing Contents


The popular American video-sharing website ‘YouTube’ takes step to exclude YouTube explicit content and inappropriate videos, ads and comments content away from kids following a five-point plan.


After recent criticism from users about YouTube not doing enough to crack down on disturbing and exploitative videos aimed at children which end up corrupting the young ones, the Google-owned video service on Wednesday announced a five-point plan to “tighten” its approach on displaying family-friendly content to a categorized persons.

YouTube also added that it is trying to curb its explicit content to make the video site safer for kids and for everyone.

YouTube new Guidelines

1. Tougher application of community guidelines and faster enforcement through technology.
2. Removing ads from inappropriate videos targeting families.
3. Blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors.
4. Providing guidance for creators who make family-friendly content.
5. Engaging and learning from experts.

These rules are in respect of reports earlier that exposed flaws in YouTube’s algorithms and screening policies.

And more recently, the company removed several videos that featured children in abusive or vulnerable situations only after BuzzFeed brought the videos to the company’s attention.

The rules follow reports earlier this month that exposed flaws in YouTube’s algorithms and screening policies. The controversy stemmed from YouTube Kids, designed as a more child-friendly version of the video site. The service’s filters failed to recognize or pull down some videos that feature disturbing imagery but are aimed at children — like Mickey Mouse laying in a pool of blood, or a claymation version of Spider Man urinating on Elsa, the Disney princess from “Frozen.”

Videos which featured children doing inprovocative activities like exercising which was followed up with inappropriate or sexual comments from viewers, something YouTube is attempting to curb them all with its new guidelines.

Regulating a family-friendly content for users isn’t the only thing YouTube is working on as earlier last week, Google said it’s cracking down on terror videos in an effort to fight against online extremism and YouTube explicit content.

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