See 10 Sermons By Nigerian Preachers That Makes Some Members Dislike Them

See 10 Sermons By Nigerian Preachers That Makes Some Members Dislike Them
November 08
07:37 2017

As a very good observer, I have been able to observe that there are sermons that makes people develop antipathy feelings for their pastors which I shall discuss

Note: this is NOT a generalization of all Christians/believers. But if we should face the truth here, you might think that only the unbelievers are guilty of these acts, but I can assure you that even some acclaimed born again christians are not exempted

May God help us all

10 Sermons That Makes The Congregation Dislike Their Pastors

1. Prompt payment of Tithes

The payment of tithe has been causing controversy amongst christians for a very long time. You will see them looking for Bible verses that contradicts the payment of tithes, hence, twisting the Bible just to justify their stinginess. However, when their pastors lay so much emphasis on tithe payment, they may tag him a fake pastor that wants to channel their tithes to his own pocket

2. Fornication is a sin

I give this to the youth. Some youth normally develop antipathy feeling for a pastor who kicks against the act of premarital sex. They refer to his sermon as being boring, while some youths go be like, this pastor just dey talk like say him sef no bleep kitty-cat when him dey young like us. He think say e dey easy to abstain. To make matter worse, it he asks all female virgins to stop out for prayers, they can gun him down

3. Payment of First fruit offering

If you don’t know what first fruit offering is; it’s your first income in a year which God demands. Some christians don’t want to hear this at all. When a sermon of this nature arises, you will see them looking at the pastor as he’s the one that formulated it in the Bible. During this reminds in my church, you need to see the way both youths and adults were questioning the pastor. E.g, sir, please how do I feed my family or celebrate the New Year if God demands for my January salary?

4. Bench Warming

It’s expected that everybody cannot be a worker in church. However, when a pastor condemns the act of bench warming, some rich personalities in the church may hold contempt against the pastor. Some have the feeling that only those that are poor and need financial breakthrough are usually the ones joining the church workforce

5. Sowing a seed into the life of your pastor

That someone is a man of God does not mean that God will throw money, foods and clothes to him from heaven, so why castigate them?. These people are human like us who also need financial assistance. When a pastor tells the congregation that they should endeavour to sometimes sow a seed into the life of their pastors, they may dislike him, hence, taging him a fake man of God that wants to extort his members

6. Gambling is a Sin

Some youths are so obsessed with Bet9ja, Baba Ijebu and the likes. They may dislike their pastor if he condemns gambling. This is because they see it as investment and will never agree to the fact that any form of gambling is a sin They call it investment while the Bible regards it as a sin. Period !

7. Participating in the church welfare donations

I have observed that some Christians even criticize their churches for the enormous tuition fees paid in their universities. When their pastors preach about them participating in welfare donations, it may annoy a proportion of some people in the church, hence, making them keep their money in their pocket. They will be like, what’s the essence of donating when I no kuku fit even afford their so called university

8. No sinner will be pardoned into Heaven

Yes we know that hell fire is real but some people hate it when their pastor lays so much emphasis on it. They prefer their financial prosperity sermons to hell fire sermon. Some of them are like, this man doesn’t know that it’s not easy to do without sins especially in a country like this

9. Sunday school Attendance

Many church often say “your Sunday service is incomplete without Sunday School”. When their pastor utters this statement, some people are like, you just dey talk your own ni. Na still my normal time I go dey come church. After all, I’m not a worker so what’s my business with Sunday School ?

10. rapture & the second coming of Jesus Christ

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