Geologist Salary In Nigeria | How Much Do They Earn

Geologist Salary In Nigeria | How Much Do They Earn, Where Can A Geologist Work?


A geologist is a scientist who studies the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth as well as the processes that shape it.

Geologists usually study geology, although backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, and other sciences are also useful. Field work is an important component of geology, although many subdisciplines incorporate laboratory work.

             Geologist Salary In Nigeria

The Average salary for a geologist in Nigeria per year is 2019000 / year (NGN)

Note: The salary might increase or decrease at any moment.

Where Can A Geologist Work In Nigeria

Geologists and geo-technologists work for mining companies or oil and gas exploration companies. They can also find work in civil engineering firms, planning city construction. Additionally, government agencies may need the aid of geologists to support geoscience, education, water affairs, and forestry.

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