Meet Ibrah, The Ghanaian Millionaire Who Buys 10 iPhone X And Dashes Passengers In A Bus To Celebrate His Birthday (Photos)

Ibrah as called decide to shock his friends other Ghanaian after buying 10 iPhone X for his friends and dashing away buses to passengers while celebrating his birthday


The mysterious young man, only known by his nickname Ibrah One, has been using his social media platforms to flaunt his expensive fleet of cars which collectively cost millions of dollars.

Always well dressed in extravagant designer clothes and accessories, he lives in a luxurious mansion inside a multi-million dollar estate named ‘Ibrahville’, which sources say he owns.

With his lavish lifestyle, many expected that Ibrah, who celebrated his birthday yesterday will organise an explosive birthday bash with his friends and family.

Instead, the young man who turned 32 years 2days back, shockingly dashed out iPhones to all passengers in a commercial minibus (trotro).

Just check out the video below…

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Ibrah Money is one of the young richest guys in Ghana. He is frankly the most well known young millionaire on social media in Ghana.

This is mainly because Ibrah loves to flaunt his expensive cars that run into millions on social media.

Well, Tuesday 21 November 2017 was the birthday of Ibrah. He is 32 years old now but already super rich beyond dreams.

Ibrah chose to celebrate his birthday by boarding a random trotro bus in Accra and surprised each one of them in an incredibly amazing manner.

He started by offering to pay their fare for them only to surprise each one of them with an iPhone. It was funny how the driver also demanded his.

This mysterious 32-year-old Ghanaian rich young guy is living the high dream yet, his source of wealth is still mysterious.


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