Young Teenage Girl Have Been Arrested Receiving Mouth Action From Pet Dog

A Florida teenager has admitted taking selfies of her pit bull dog giving her MouthAction after police found pictures on her mobile phone.
This 18 year old Ashley Miller was charged with two counts of sexual activities involving animals after Bradenton police officers found graphic pictures hidden on her mobile phone.


Unlike Nigeria, where clinical obesity is worshiped, fat people are regarded as the scum of the earth in Western countries that place a premium value on physical fitness, and regard fat people as lazy lowlife slobs to be avoided at all costs.

For a fat slob like the woman in the picture above, it is likely that she turned to her dog for sexual partnership simply because no man would be caught dead with an overweight cow like that, with the result that the victim of excessive lard will live a life of profound isolation, UNLESS she emigrates to Africa, where she will be instantly “promoted” from social outcast, to an AFRICAN BUSH SLAY QUEEN that will be inundated with courtship requests from lard and cellulite worshipers, who simply don’t know any better, and never will.


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