Watch Video And Pictures Of The German Version Of Love Island Where Singer Melody Haase and professional kite surfer Marius Hoppe Walk Around Naked And Have Sex

THE German version of Love Island forces celebs to walk around naked – making their UK counterparts look positively prudish.


The filthy reality TV show, called Adam Seeks Eve – Promise in Paradise, also features uncensored romps between German C-list celebs.

In one episode singer Melody Haase, 23, and professional kite surfer Marius Hoppe had a steamy session in the tropical island’s lighthouse and the sizzling action was caught on camera.

They hauled a mattress to the top to get away from the other contestants and got down to business.

Iin an interview Melody played coy, saying: “The night in the lighthouse was interesting.”

But the lusty lovebirds had a violent bust-up soon afterwards.

Tired Melody fell asleep after battling severe back pain, so fed-up Marius went to another bed and refused to get up when Melody went to apologise.

During a vicious argument, Melody spat in his face before pushing him off the bed.

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