Everyday We Have Sex 4 Times, My Boyfriend Is Now Tired Of It – 200L Female UNIJOS Student Cries Out

We Have Sex 4 Times Everyday, Now My Boyfriend Is Tired Of My Addiction, 200L UNIJOS Student Needs Your Advice


According to screenshots sent in by one of our readers, one Faith, a 200 level student of University of Jos from the department of sociology is in desperate need of advice in other not to lose her boyfriend who also is from the department of sociology, but in 300 level.

According to the screenshots sent in, Faith narrated how addicted she is to having s*x. They have s*x at least 4 times everyday.

The boyfriend who seem to get tired of it is now asking to call off the relationship, but Faith don’t really want him to go else she might go in to pr*stitution or start a life she would end to regret later.

She needs your advice on what to do, see screenshots below:


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