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4 Best Online Schools In Nigeria Approved By NUC (UNIVERSITIES)


4 Best Online Schools In Nigeria Approved By NUC (UNIVERSITIES)

An Online Schools Or Visual School  teaches students entirely or primarily online or through the internet. An online school can mimic many of the benefits provided by a physical school (learning materials, online exercises, self-paced courses, live online classes, tests, web forums, etc) but delivers these through the internet.


Physical interaction by students and teachers is unnecessary, or only supplementary. Online schools may also enable individuals to earn transferable credits or to take recognised examinations, to advance to the next level of education.

Advantages Of Online Schools In Nigeria

  • There is a lack of costly and tiring travel involved; with a much greater dependability of lessons. Weather disrupting transport is almost irrelevant (though an area subject to frequent power cuts will suffer consequent disruptions—Similarly common health disruptions through minor illness or injury, will not halt learning, because the physical demands are so much less. Transcripts of lessons can plug short absences.


  • Many students and pupils who have personal or health conditions that make physical school difficult or impossible, can manage online school.


  • Control of bullying is easier, as access to a group can be instantly adjusted when a problem is raised e.g. a bully can be ‘gagged’ i.e. placed on observer, without ability to input actively. They can also be closed out instantly pending investigation. The automatic recording of all exchanges is a powerful investigation aid; although this has privacy implications it is also a reassurance.


  • Individuals and families who need flexible arrangements due to moving about, find online school suits requirements. However, synchronous learning in live lessons does impose limits due to timezones, which tends to divide online schools in Europe and Asia from North America.


  • The integration of internet resources provides a huge library of content, and students/ pupils quickly become adept at online research. Independent minded students, those with specialist skills and ambitions, can develop at their own preferred pacing using net resources.


  • Online schools can be equalisers, as age, appearance, and background are far less obvious. Groups can be categorised by personal ability.


  • Students and pupils benefit from exposure to others in different cultures of the world, which enriches understanding of history, geography, religions and politics, and develops social skills.


  • Part-time students with jobs or family commitments, benefit from the flexibility of online schedules, although this may not apply so much to synchronous, live, online learning.

4 Best Online Schools In Nigeria (NUC Approved)

1.University Of Uyo

2. National Open University Of Nigeria

3. Usman danfodio university

4. University Of Maiduguri (UNIMAID)

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