Few Important Things Men With Small Penis Need To Know

Every man cannot be blessed with medium to large packages but there are some people who are not particularly gifted down there. But what most people fail to realise is that size is not everything, the technique a man use is very critical, and can make her cum over and over again


Below are a lists of things men with small p3nises should know.

It’s just like anyone: “Small p3nises are like normal p3nises, they function that well too and unless you have some kind of disease that might affect your p3nis then its as potent as any other one; it might be small but it can get things down”.

How to tell women before hand: “This is never easy to do, how is it done, how do you tell someone you’re hooking up when s3x is about to happen; it is also problematic because ladies might feel insulted that they just want to be with you only because of the s3x, or she is wild that she wants something big to satisfy her”.

No need massaging the ego: “This might be happening, if after telling the lady about the p3nis situation, she still wants to go ahead, guys might either see it as a pity s3x or she is being very nice; she can just mention that she likes the size”.

S3x is still awesome: “Listening to people talk about small p3nises might be very disheartening but honestly, it can still be great for you because despite the size, if you can master your tool, you will be better in bed; always remember, size isn’t everything, the technique you use is very critical, and can make her cum over and over again”.

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