I Am The Best Thing To Ever Happen To The Nigerian Music Industry – Nigerian Singer Brymo Brags On Twitter

Nigerian singer Brymo instigated a media frenzy a short while back after he took to his Twitter handle to brag that he is the best thing that ever happened to the Nigerian music industry. Music lovers did not really seem to agree with him.


Fans bombarded the comment area of his tweet and countered his claims with some “not so good” words. But Brymo didn’t seem bothered by their rants, as he even made to have the post pinned to his Twitter account after he noticed that many people were in disagreement with him on that claim. That move further angered music fans all the more!!!

The singer didn’t really have much to say. He only took to his Twitter handle to brag using the following words; “I am the best thing to ever happen to the Nigerian music industry, and I will not let you wait till I die before you accept it.”

Many twitter users wondered why Brymo made such statement knowing fully well that he’s yet to make a single hit since 2011 when he dropped a banger titled ARA. However, some folks still managed to commend him by claiming that if the content in music really mattered in Nigeria, then someone like Brymo who produce such will rule the industry.

Such tweets emboldened the Singer to tweet again by claiming he actually rules the music industry. Again taking to his Twitter handle, he posted saying; “But Brymo rules the music industry.”


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