2 Catholic Priests Watches & Smiles As Bride & Groom Kiss In Church (Photos)

A Nigerian man Engr. Uche Osunwa tied the knot today with his wife who is a barrister.A priest was pictured laughing as the couple shared a kiss together.
The wedding took place in a catholic church in an unknown location in Nigeria.
The Priests couldn’t hold themselves as both of them all smiled as the bride  locked it up with romantic kiss.

On may 8th 2017 there was a mild drama during a wedding ceremony when an angry bride refused to kiss her groom on their wedding day, leaving both families and friends shocked by what they were witnessing.
The video went viral on the internet and people were in shock wondering what could have been the brides problem.
The video shows an angry bride refusing to be kissed on her wedding day even after the officiating pastor declared the couple as man and wife. Rumors has it that the bride caught her husband cheating a day before their wedding day but still went ahead walked down the aisle.


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