See This Two Pretty Ladies Forced To Swim Inside Gutter After Stealing In Port-Harcourt

Two female thief by Name Uchechi and Favour were caught with bundles of master keys which they use to steal from shops,building,and other.


Hardship in Nigeria lead them to this, You may recall that We had earlier reported that the two robbers were caught in Port Harcourt with bundles of master keys which they used to penetrate doors of houses and office buildings.

Female thieves caught red-handed reveal that they robbed people because of hardship in Nigeria.

The thieves also confessed that they started stealing due to
the bad financial state of the country.
They revealed that they were involved in prostitution before they decided to turn into thieves.

Uchechi and Favour revealed that they robbed people because of the hardship in Nigeria.

They also confessed to the crimes after they were caught and forced to swim inside dirty gutter by policemen.

The robbers claimed that since they moved to Port-Harcourt last year they had only stolen from two places.


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