Heartless Japanese Man Kills 8 Women He Met On Social Media.. Stores Their Bodies In Coolers & Freezers (Photos)

This is indeed heartless! The 27-year-old Japanese man who was arrested on Tuesday, has confessed to police that he befriended the victims online.

Recall that Mr. Takahiro Shiraishi was arrested after severed parts of nine bodies, some of them stored in picnic coolers and freezers were found in his apartment in Tokyo.Shiraishi admitted that he killed the eight women and one man in just two months.


All had expressed suicidal thoughts and he lured them to his apartment with offers of help to die, it is believed.

Police in Tokyo were investigating the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman when they discovered Shiraishi’s ‘house of horrors’.

The bodies had been chopped up and were being stored in separate coolers.

Shriaishi has reportedly confessed all, telling police some of the killings were motivated by rape and others by money. He stole around 500,000 yen (around £3,300) from one victim.

Police have already recovered 240 bones from the small apartment.

Shiraishi told officers: “I couldn’t throw away (the bodies) out of fear for being caught.”

He said he dismembered the bodies in the bathroom using a saw which has also been recovered.

The serial killing spree took place over just two months between August and September.

The horrific case came to light after a 23-year-old woman disappeared. After reporting her missing, her brother began looking at her social media accounts and noticed that she had posted a message on Twitter which said she was “looking for someone who will die with me.”

The message said she “wants to die, but is scared of dying alone.”

Shiraishi was captured on CCTV walking near his apartment with the missing woman.


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