SHOCKING!! Nigerian Lady Sleeps In Just 20mins, Surprisingly Wakes Up With Swollen Eye (Photos)

A Nigerian lady with the username “Sexytee_minaj” on instagram claimed she woke up from a 20 minutes nap to find her eye swollen.


The lady took to her instagram page to share the photo of her swollen eye and wrote:

“Dis is not funny, just to sleep for 20min and woke up to see my face like dis. I swear, I can’t believe dis is my face. Dis happened dis evening.

No itching, No irritation, No symptoms of anything!!! Just suddenly swollen but d God am Serving as never failed me and he will never fail me!”

According to healthline, The most common reason for a puffy face in the morning is fluid retention-Pillow Height: Sometimes puffiness is caused by the level of your pillow while you are sleeping, causing either pressure or water retention.


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