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See The Inside Of A Chinese Museum Where Africans Are Compared With Animals (VIDEO)


See The Inside Of A Chinese Museum Where Africans Are Compared With Animals (VIDEO)

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A Chinese museum decided to once again step on the toes of Africans online by opening an exhibition where Africans were displayed alongside with animals.

The video in question was posted by an Instagram user Edward E. Duke (a Nigerian) who revealed Chinese art lovers admiring the seemingly racist exhibition where the Africans were displayed together with wild animals at the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan ahead of the national Golden Week holiday.

Based on local destination blog Shangalist, ‘This is Africa’ exhibition which started September 28 belongs to Chinese photographer Yu Hulping which was aimed at giving visitors a sense of primitive life lived in Africa through the interplay of humans, animals and nature.

The original video was deleted after it was posted by one of the supposed visitors to the museum with the caption : “首都博物馆 translated as “the capital museum in Wuhan, China put pictures of a particular race next to wild animals why? Are they the only race to have impoverished looking.”

This was followed by a backlash of a Facebook advert by Dove which showed a black model turning white after using their body wash. Dove later apologized for missing the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully.

The black model in question said it was taken out of context because the initial agreement of the campaign was to be about all the skin types deserving gentleness

Watch the video HERE

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