KiKUU Ghana Contact: Phone, Office Address & Website Address

KiKUU Ghana Contact: Phone, Office Address & Website Address
October 24
13:28 2017

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What Is  KiKUU Ghana

Shopping online is gradually becoming a part of Ghanaian lifestyle but of course what will be the essence of shopping in the comfort of your room when it will take about 2 months for the product to arrive. What if you need the product in just a week or it is a perishable product? Then it would be better of struggling through the crowds in a shopping mall or any market to get it in a day.

KiKUU offers an unparalleled shopping experience with the largest selection of quality products from China.


KiKUU Contact Address In Ghana

Phone No.

+233 26 107 8899 Kikuu, Phone

Business Keywords

Online Shopping, Retail

Address In Ghana

Address: Musuli Ln, Accra, Ghana

Kikuu Ghana Website Address

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  1. Bismark Sewavi
    Bismark Sewavi November 05, 11:08

    I ordered for a product about one month one week ago, still not received my package yet. I’ve sent customer support messages, but I keep getting the same response of “package would be delivered soon” for almost two weeks now. The purpose for the product is even over, and it’s almost useless now.

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  2. Abigail dsane
    Abigail dsane November 08, 11:11

    I placed and order and i have not received it may I know y not even a call or a message about it

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    • Perpetual Owusu
      Perpetual Owusu May 24, 14:04

      I have made and other but when I go to chart of order they isn’t any other but the money has been deducted from my mobile money account,and I can’t get any number to reach you on.

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    • Gloria
      Gloria September 12, 08:03

      My name is Gloria from Ghana I have not recieved my item yet. It’s a month now and I have paid for it too.
      Please these are the things that I have not recieved

      Order: 648455381


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  3. dorothy
    dorothy November 23, 10:17

    i placed an order a month ago and i have still not received the product nor a call from you.

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    • Anonymous
      Anonymous December 04, 21:48

      Kikuu is a scam. Many have complained about this criminal act.

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      • Anonymous
        Anonymous January 03, 11:26

        Anonymous you dont talk because people are complaining ok. have you tried yourself before? i have been buying things from there and is as real as i see online.

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    • Gloria
      Gloria September 12, 08:04

      My name is Gloria from Ghana I have not recieved my item yet. It’s a month now and I have paid for it too.
      Please these are the things that I have not recieved

      Order: 648455381


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    • Mariana
      Mariana October 03, 07:35

      They called and asked where I was and I told them the location. Since July until now, I haven’t recieved my item. I’m waiting

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  4. Anita owusu
    Anita owusu November 30, 08:13

    I ordered for a ring 3weeks ago I got a message from Kikuu that I shd contact ur service team at live chat nd I don’t know hw to go abt that nd when I call ur number online too,is not going tru

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  5. Andrews mingle
    Andrews mingle December 03, 14:06

    I ordered a telescope lense for about two weeks now and I got a feedback that my parcel is being sorted to the rider for delivery
    But I have not received my parcel

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  6. Nhyira Aseda
    Nhyira Aseda December 04, 11:48

    I ordered for a 3PCS set newborn baby for about 24 days ago and the package has been assigned to rider for delivery for 13 days now. But I’ve still not received my parcel.

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  7. Lawson Doe
    Lawson Doe December 04, 21:46

    Kikuu is not the best place to shop. They are not serious and I guess there is fraud in it. I have placed an order and there wasn’t any update until 3 weeks after. I was told the item is in Accra and after a week they said they have shipped the item to Spintext and it will be delivered to me but hasn’t gotten anything till now. Their number doesn’t go through when you even call. This is just a scam . Guess what,all the updates were written badly. Grammatical error and bad spellings. I wonder if they are real. I won’t recommend this silly app to anyone. Total Scam.

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    • Stayb
      Stayb July 28, 10:02

      Is this really or scam ,Cox I ordered a microphone and a 3d magnify screen for almost a month but the logistics massage is “【sorting to rider】Package assigned to rider for delivery,so for a week now the rider can’t reach my destination or what.fucking shopping site ,no one should waste his or her money der

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  8. Emelia
    Emelia December 05, 20:52

    What are your service numbers

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  9. Flavian Adongo
    Flavian Adongo December 06, 08:08

    I’ve paid for my goods but no update,I check my kikuu to find whether if my order is in transit but they have written no order and my orders are still on pending payment but I’ve paid too and it has been reduced from my mb money account I even have the message on my phone so help me

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  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous December 06, 16:14

    Kikuu is a scam a big one too I made an order and no reply to when I gon get it

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  11. Yayra Fiagbegi
    Yayra Fiagbegi December 07, 07:33

    What kind of service is this one too, how can a real company have only one telephone number and even that one too doesn’t go through when you called. I made an order yesterday and I haven’t heard anything from you guys, wait until i get to your office.

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  12. Thomas Tamakloe
    Thomas Tamakloe December 08, 18:35

    I made an order of two items on the 6th November 2018 and had paid for both in five minutes interval. I received payment confirmation for just one of the items on the 7th of November 2018, today 8th still i have neither received information about the receipt of the second payment nor the arrangement on how i’m going to receive the product that it’s payment had been confirmed.
    The contact given on the page is not even reachable for me to launch any complain to that respect. What a service ?

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  13. Issabella Mensah-Eshun
    Issabella Mensah-Eshun December 10, 10:12

    Have made of five goods about two months ago and if I check Ma Kikuu They day my orders have been delivered but have not received anything if I call the delivery agent in Takoradi too can’t be reached

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  14. wonder
    wonder December 10, 11:50

    i have made an order for about ten days but I haven’t heard anything from you. Please do something about it becoz I have done all de necessary payments.

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    • Ebenezer Amoah
      Ebenezer Amoah July 04, 05:35

      Why is KiKUU behaving like this. When bought Rogaine from Kikuu for One and half month now. When I track it, it says that the item has been given to a rider for delivery 📦 but I still haven’t received it yet for weeks now. With no call from anyone. And there is no number to call to ask too. What kind of service is this. I need my product ASAP please. the item is in Kumasi now but no one is delivering it to me why???

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  15. Abenaah serwaa
    Abenaah serwaa December 10, 19:02

    Pls I haven’t receive my order and next week I will be leaving school for vacation

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  16. Angie
    Angie December 12, 12:41

    I’m being informed that my order has been assigned to a rider for delivery at dansoman office for the past 11 days, how can dansoman to odorkor take 11 days and still not received, plus their products are not quality based on previous ones I ordered together which has been received, kikuu is a shame

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  17. Regina Clottey
    Regina Clottey December 13, 09:09

    I have ordered a hearpiece since November and am still eating for it 0500494399/0548642734 dis are my numbers

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  18. Addai Clement
    Addai Clement December 24, 20:32

    What is going on?u people aa not going to bring my things right.if I don’t get my things on Friday,I will storm into ur office n u will see what x going to happen.plx u took my number so can’t u call me when my Iterms arrive

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  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous December 29, 12:09

    Wowwwww, I place order on 11th December till now I haven’t received the items. Can someone explain wat is going on? Pls if u have come challenges u can text or call why delay. I wanted to use the things on 31st. Very disappointed, I regret doing business u people.

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  20. Anonymous
    Anonymous December 31, 14:54

    I ordered for some item almost a month ago It was to be delivered on 27th but it wasn’t I contacted customer service they gave me a number to call I called one Blessing who was very rude I’ve still not received the items I don’t even know if I ever will

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  21. Anonymous
    Anonymous December 31, 15:00

    kikuu is useless I’ve been ordering from jumia don’t even know why I decided to try kikuu worse online shopping platform ever

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  22. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 19, 08:01

    Django,if this how you are treating your customers wait till I come to your office with my team of officers from GRA…just as you stealing from people make sure all taxes are sorted accordingly

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  23. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 28, 15:39

    I ordered two items for more than a month but not received physically but in my account you stated that the items are delivered for 11 days ago for one item and other 17 days ago.what do i do now…

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    • Abdul Fat
      Abdul Fat July 10, 16:38

      I’ve made payment for my ordered item just yesterday. Till date I haven’t heard from them yet.But it’s still written payment pending in the app. what sort of stupidity is this!!!!
      This Kikuu thing is a scam I swear!!!

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  24. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 29, 04:55

    I’ve purchased some items
    Twice.since last year
    But I haven’t received your company a way of frauding people or what
    That’s my no 0547404151

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  25. Anonymous
    Anonymous February 04, 09:47

    i purchased two kinds of items ie tithan gel and nightgown none of them that i have received since December 2018. the compensation date is over yet nothing you have said to me. Am Ebenezer Amartey 0245333910 call me else i will report you to media. your contact 0261078899 is not going through……..

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      EBENEZER AMOAH July 04, 05:40

      Why is KiKUU behaving like this. I bought Rogaine from Kikuu for One and half month now. When I track it, it says that the item has been assigned to a rider for delivery 📦 but I still haven’t received it yet for weeks now. With no call from anyone. And there is no number to call to ask too. What kind of service is this. I need my product ASAP please. the item is in Kumasi now but no one is delivering it to me why??? The item is Men Rogaine
      My number is 0541145205

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  26. Evans anim
    Evans anim February 21, 21:50

    My name is Evans anim, im kikuu i have the app on my phone but when my phone got reset it got deleted and i download it again. But when i try to log in again , the system said is wrong password so i reset new password and it open but i cant found my order in the transit and some of my personal dateils. Help me to retrieve it…

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  27. Yangest
    Yangest May 24, 05:49

    WTF!!! I place an order on 15th December, 2018 and its 5months this I haven’t received any call nor notification from anybody. I tried my possible best to o get your office numbers and you guys didn’t give me any tangible excuse. what kinda poor service is this??

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  28. Laila
    Laila May 30, 08:32

    please I sold some Gucci bags how can I get it

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  29. Joseph Wereh
    Joseph Wereh June 12, 07:40

    please I have placed an order on some products and paid, I don’t hear anything

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  30. lol
    lol July 03, 01:06

    kikuu is a scam

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  31. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 03, 01:12

    I ordered a gaming mouse and ive received notice that it arrived in Kumasi 16 days ago but still no delivery. My number is 0548406932. My order number is 643247999

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  32. Doris Opoku
    Doris Opoku July 05, 13:59

    Please am.having a problem with you guys.I ordered for some items in May.Till date I haven’t received any information about it.It says delivery failed delivery failed.Please give us proper feedback wai.This service of yours is really bad.

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  33. dynamic rapture queen
    dynamic rapture queen July 16, 13:09

    please,I have ordered for some items but,I can’t pay please can you send me the steps on how to pay

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  34. Esther Tenkorang
    Esther Tenkorang August 16, 08:32

    Your comment..why is kikuu behaving like this.i bought a wallpaper from kikuu one and half month now.when i track it,it says that the item has been assigned to a rider for delivery but still havntreceived it for weeks now .with no calls from anyone .and there no number to call to ask too.what kind of service is this…my second time ,this time i orderd for a different item and i havnt received my item .i need my wallpaper and engagement ring number 0579778482

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  35. Karl
    Karl August 26, 10:23

    is this scam ? i ordered 11 items costing around ghc 1200 in total n i got a notification that the items is successfully delivered whiles I’ve got nothing…I’ve tried to sent a report n nothing has been done about it..pl0s i
    this is my number if u can help 0245823476

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  36. Eugenia
    Eugenia September 03, 09:21

    Have ordered for a montha ago but haven’t received the items and no contact to check. What’s going on.. I need them please

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  37. Michael Frimpong
    Michael Frimpong September 19, 16:46

    why are u doing this to me. almost 2 months now, any time I check it, track it, u said u have give to the rider but know call, massage, I order for about 12 items and it costly. help me. call name is Michael Osei Tutu Frimpong

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  38. Henry Acquah
    Henry Acquah September 23, 11:06

    I purchased some items but I have not received them since last month

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  39. Naberock
    Naberock October 05, 08:32

    I placed an order on KiKUU about almost 3 months ago, I later received a notification that the item is out of stock which I need to be refunded into my momo account, to my amazement the money is still sitting in kikuu’s account and I can’t use to make order neither can I withdraw my money into my momo account..
    kikuu I need my money, kindly do justice to that by letting me know how to get the money back because your customer care is bogus.. lines are off.Thank you

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  40. Jennifer
    Jennifer November 08, 09:05

    My order has arrived about 27 days now in tema office but have not been brought to me. You guys have no number to be contacted on. The worst of all, l checked my transit box this morning only to be told there’s no item for me. Please refund my money to me l don’t want to say you are thieves

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  41. Jack sparrow
    Jack sparrow November 25, 13:07

    please morning, I ve been calling since last week and no one seems to care about it. my items were sent to weija but my delivery address is airport barracks which was corrected for it to be delivered to me but since last week till dat no one cares to respond to me. your customer service is poor.

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  42. Anonymous
    Anonymous November 30, 16:38

    I have ordered for beard oil since 25th of October and yet they are not in
    What a service?
    When will i receive it?
    Cause i ordered for someone and the person too is complaining for delay

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  43. Carol
    Carol December 24, 16:16

    My order number is 64004992805…it’s been over a month and it’s still showing that the item has been shipped. Seller is in Ghana here…how is that?

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  44. Emmanuel Ansah Obiri
    Emmanuel Ansah Obiri December 31, 13:02

    Please I placed order for three items and I was told that the item will reach my end by 27th December 2019 but it’s only one item (order number:64004466711) I have recieved.
    I haven’t received items with order numbers 64004046386 and 64004851609.

    Please what could be the problem?

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