WAFU CUP Of Nations 2017 : Nigeria Vs Benin Match Time Today 21th September – Live Scores & Results

WAFU CUP Of Nations 2017 : Nigeria Vs Benin Match Time Today 21th September – Live Scores & Results
September 21
06:23 2017

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Semi-final WAFU CUP Of Nations 2017: Nigeria Vs Benin Match Time Today 21th September – Live Scores & Results

As a result of this, the Super Eagles will now play Benin on Wednesday at the Cape Coast Stadium instead of the Black Stars of Ghana.


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Location: Ghana Stadium

Time: 3:00pm

FULL TIME in Cape Coast – Benin  0-1  Nigeria (11* Ali Rabiu) CONGRATS! Nigeria  are through to the final.

90+ Benin  0-1  Nigeria Fourth Official displays three minutes of stoppage time.

88′ Fassinou stands in a cross at the back post. Skipper Salomon Junior leaps but heads over.

86′ CLEARED OFF THE LINE! Gabriel Okechukwu beats the keeper but Salomon clears the ball on the line.

83′ Benin win a corner kick. They are being urged on by the home crowd.

81′ Okpotu stands in a cross in the box. Aremu bursts his lungs to get to the ball but the keeper smother’s his headed effort

80* Benin  0-1  Nigeria Into the final ten minutes of the game, can hold on or  will bounce back?

80′ Benin pushing forward.

78* Yellow Card  Moses Peter  has been booked. Benin  0-1  Nigeria

77′ Okpotu lays the ball on a plate for Moses Peter Eneji but he fouls Salomon Junior. And gets a booking

76′ Nigeria win a free kick midway in the Benin half.

75′ Fair play from Ali Rabiu. Osseni Agnide had got back to his feet when the Nigeria no.10 played the ball out

74′ Benin are unable to clear but Ali Rabiu cannot punish the ball as the ball remained stuck in his feet

73′ Moses Eneji is through on goal. He goes for precision instead of power. Glodjinon amazingly stops the ball.

72* Yellow Card  Salomon Junior  has been booked. Benin  0-1  Nigeria

71′ Okpotu has a chance to run at the Benin defense. Yarou Nabil wins the ball off the striker.

69′ Mathias Samuel quickly drills a cross for Okpotu. The striker breaks but shoots over on the turn.

68* Nigeria  with first sub: Mathias Samuel – IN John Friday – OUT

67′ Benin attack. Ezenwa Ikechukwu off his line to clutch the ball.

66′ Was that a penalty? Fassinou catches Eneji late in the box. The winger falls, watching the referee. Not given

66* Benin  with second sub: Bessan Jacques – IN Elegbede Jules – OUT

64′ Keeper collects the ball and sets Benin on the attack.

63′ Moses Eneji with a deceptive cross into the box. Steve Glodginon palms the ball out

63′ Benin have a player down. Ibrahim Ogoulola goes off for treatment. Nigeria to effect a corner kick

63′ Bah-Yere Mamah with a great clearance for Benin. Okpotu and Friday were waiting to pounce.

61′ Benin have been really exciting on the ball. But they are yet to test Ezenwa.

60′ Great ball into the box. Adeleye heads half clear. Benin pounce on the loose ball but whistle goes.

60* Benin  0-1  Nigeria Benin with a strong start to this half, Nigeria are on the quiet.

59′ Benin win a free kick.

57′ Elegbede Jules wins a foul off Adeleye in the center circle.

56′ Ali Rabiu’s cross is met by John Friday but he glances just inches over.

55′ Nigeria win an infringement inside their half. Moses Okoro to effect. Uche Akas gets to the ball and wins a corner kick

54′ Free kick for Benin on the right side. Fassinou overhits it.

53′ Keeper comes out but grabs at thin air. Nabil heads the ball up in the box. Foul for Benin. Okpotu readying to shoot

52′ Okpotu is fouled. Free kick for Nigeria. Ali Rabiu to effect.

51′ Ramane Fassinou centers a cross into the box. Elegbede fluffs his line from close range. Big miss for Benin

50′ Okoro Moses will be having nightmares tonight. Gomez Charbel has really tormented the right back

49′ Benin have full support from the pet home crowd and they roar in unison for a penalty for the Squirrels.

46′ Anthony Okpotu fouls Yarou Nabil in the box.

RESTART – We are back again at the Cape Coast Stadium for the second half: Benin  0-1  Nigeria

HALF TIME at the Cape Coast Stadium in the first Semifinal clash: Benin  0-1  Nigeria

45′ Benin are back yet again. The cross into the 6 yard takes a deflection off Ariwachukwu. Ezenwa collects awkwardly

45* Benin  0-1  Nigeria Fourth Official displays two minutes of stoppage time.

44′ Benin are fired up. Charbel Gomez has got Moses Okoro on toast. He skips past the right back.

42′ Benin are back and Gomez Charbel weaves his way into the box. His cross is cleared.

41′ The game has opened up. Benin win a foul and quickly effect. Idrissou Saliou’s cross is blocked

40* Benin  0-1  Nigeria Nigeria have pushed Benin back in search of a second goal, Benin hit well on the counter

38′ Bah-Yere Mamah short changes his keeper. Moses Eneji is lurking. Keeper sweeps for Benin.

36′ Ali Rabiu takes a pop at goal from the edge of the box. Ball takes a slight deflection. Keeper saves.

33* Yellow Card – Red Card 🔴 Koukpo Marcellin 🇧🇯 has been sent off for a second bookable offence.

35′ Nigeria have been saved by the flag. Elegbede follows a back pass but Ezenwa clears.

33′ Koukpo Marcellin skips past Moses Okoro but falls under no contact from Ariwachukwu. Second yellow?

32′ Benin building from the back. Okpotu robs the ball and slips Eneji through. Salomon dives to intercept.

31′ Nigeria break. Beautiful weighted cross from Moses Okoro for Eneji. But the winger’s tamed connection is saved

29′ Nigeria working the ball quite well. John Friday clips a cross for Okpotu but the ball is headed out

28′ Ifeanyi quickly effect a free kick. Benin head the hall out and push forward

27′ The referee has to drop the ball again. Benin poke the ball out of play.

27′ Drop ball from referee Baba Leno.

26′ Ifeanyi Ifeanyi is behind the ball. He fires into the human wall. Benin clear but Nigeria regain the ball

25′ Anthony Okpotu is fouled midway in the Benin half.

24′ Delightful 1-2s from Nigeria through the Benin defense. The Squirrels, however, clear.

23′ Ezenwa Ikechukwu calmly collects Mama Seibou’s cross from the corner kick.

22′ Adeleye towers over Elegbede to head the ball out for a corner kick for Benin.

21′ Benin win a free kick on the left side of attack. Mama Seibou is behind the ball again.

21′ That’s a brilliant move from Nigeria. But wingers Eneji and Friday have been flagged offside.

19* Yellow Card: Koukpo Marcellin (Benin) has been booked.

19′ Sweet break from Nigeria. Eneji squares the ball for Okpotu but his angled shot is blocked. Nigeria still press

17′ Elegbede Julius is fouled midway in the Nigeria half. Free kick for Benin.

16′ Charbel Gomez puts Ezenwa under immense pressure. The keeper hacks the ball away.

15′ Nigeria win a free kick a few yards away from the halfway line. Ali Rabiu commits a foul in the Benin box

14′ Benin win a free kick. Mama Seibou lifts the ball in the mix. Emmanuel Ariwachukwu heads the ball out

11* GOOOOOOAL! NIGERIA! ALI RABIU breaks the deadlock with a sweet goal. Mali 0-1 Nigeria

10′ Bah-yere Mamah skins Moses Okoro but his cross is cut out.

9′ Benin win an infringement inside their half. Salomon Junior lifts the ball forward.

8′ Aremu Olalekan dictates play for Nigeria in midfield. He lifts the hall gorsed. Nabila clears for Benin

7′ Charbel Gomez seems to attract the ball. So far, he’s had more touches of it than anyone on the pitch.

6′ Gomez Charbel holds the ball up. He accesses his options but his pass for Elegbede is cut out.

4′ Ali Rabiu gives a quick pass to Anthony Okpotu. The striker checks back before chasing the ball. Keeper intercepts

3′ Nigeria attack. Moses Eneji loses the ball.

1′ Charbel Gomez twists and turns Moses Okoro. He sends in a low cross. Nigeria have men at the back. Ball goes out

Time for the national anthems, Benin then Nigeria  we’re just minutes away from the kick off.

KICK OFF! Here we go, we’re underway in the 1st Semifinal clash in Cape Coast – Benin  0-0  Nigeria

Both teams are out of the tunnel for the first semi final game, a look again at the Starting XIs for both teams.

OFFICIAL TEAM SHEET – Benin  v  Nigeria

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