How To Cook Okro Soup – See The Easy & Fastest Way To Do It

September 21
14:55 2017

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How To Cook Okro Soup – See The Easy & Fastest Way To Do It

Okra soup is one of the African soup mostly cooked by Nigerians,it is a delicacy on it’s is  cooked with an okra vegetable seed which is cut in an oval shape and sometimes beaten with mortar or grinding machine.


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So Lets go down to the business, so you want to cook Okra soup and enjoy it with your family alone, oK no problem i will show the step by step guide on how to do that and also i will recommend a video tutorial made by allnigerianrecipe blog to  you give more insight on how to prepare this type of may ask me what are the okra benefits or what are the nutritional benefits of eating Okro soup, it contains a loads of nutritional benefits which i cannot be able to give in full details here.

So Lets get Started!!!

Here 7 Step by Step Guide On How To Prepare Your Okra Soup With Video Tutorial From Allnigerianrecipe


20 Large Okro or few pieces of it (1/2 lb. approx)

Half level tablespoon locust beans

1/4 cigarette tin or 2 tablespoon of oil

12 large peppers

And 1 tablespoon dreid ground shrimps (Optional)

Preparation Method

1 Wash the meat and put to it inside pot with a little water ,when temperature has been raised to boiling point, reduce heat and simmer meat until soft.

2 Your Okro should be washed by now and also grind all the ingredients.

3 While the has been cooked to a tender stage of softness add all the ingredients and cut up finely.

4 Put another pot on the fire again and boil then add okro when it begins to boil, stir all the time to avoid over boiling in the saucepan.

5 Add cooked Okro to palm oil stew and stair all the time to avoid it sticking to the bottom of the pot.

6 Add dried ground shrimps last andleave to boil or cook for at least 2 minutes.

7 You can now serve with oval plate garnished with meat in the center.

Pumpkin leaves are the best for okra soup but for those outside Nigeria, this may be hard to come by so you can use spinach. But make sure it is the washed and frozen one (see photo). This works better than the fresh and leafy spinach as far as the Okra Soup recipe is concerned.

Okra soup can be served  with Amala,Fufu Or Semovita.

You Can Watch This Video Tutorial From Allnigerianrecipe To Gain More Knowledge

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