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How To Cook Egusi Soup (Ofe Egusi) – See The Easy & Fastest Way To Do It



How To Cook Egusi Soup – See The Easy & Fastest Way To Do It


Egusi soup is my favorite soup on the list of all Nigerian recipes Here, i could remember one day my mother cooked it i couldn’t hold myself i had to beg her for more reload even i felt i should say is ok i continued disturbing her for this particular soup is easy to cook, i think is the most easiest soup to cook fast and furiously Hahahaha! don’t mind me and my expensive jokes huh!!

So you want to cook  Egusi soup like i said earlier it is my favorite soup and also it’s very easy to cook for most of you that are too lazy to spend an  hour cooking a single soup, Egusi soup should not take less than 54 Minute to complete.

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Below Is The Step By Step Guide On How To Cook Egusi Soup

(This Is 5 – 10 people)

8-20oz. or of picked water leaves.

1/2 cigarette tin of egusi

1/2tabelspoon of ground peppers

1 tablespoon of locust bean

1 large onion

1 cigarette tin or Half pint of oil

10 pieces of meat the size of  a small egg or 1 stockfish and dried fish too

Salt .

Maggi and other seasoning.

Preparation Methods

1 Wash water leaves thoroughly to remove sand and grit

2 Prepare the meat Wash once in cold water, place in a pot with some salt and put over heat.

3 Grind egusi, onion and locust bean on a clean grindstone or grinding machine.

4 When the meat is dry add  about 1 pint of cold water and continue to cook for another few minutes.

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6 Steam water leaves in a saucepan. Turn on to a wooden board and cut in pieces.

7 Add the chopped water leaves to soup. Then add egusi and leave to cook for another 5 minutes.

If you intend to use dry shrimps it is also a good idea you can cook it separate or add it to the soup to boil together.

You  can use bitter leave if you want to.

Serve hot in a vegetable dish and pounded yam or Amala, Semovita.






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