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Breaking News: Earthquake Hits South Of Fiji At 9.20am Local Time This Morning



Fiji falls within the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire” – a string of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean that make it a seismically active area.


The Pacific Ring of Fire has sprung to life in the last week. with numerous intense quakes felt around it.

They include ones in New Zealand, Vanuatu, Japan, Indonesia and Mexico.

The Mexico quake was particularly devastating, with hundreds left dead and widespread damage in the capital.

Under 24 hours ago, tremors were felt in Papua New Guinea after the Pacific Ring rumbled to life again.

The earthquake jolted south of Fiji at 9.20am local time (10.20pm UK) on Wednesday and measured at a depth of 547km.

It came under a day after a 6.4 magnitude quake was felt on the island.

No serious damage or injuries have been reported as yet.

The Pacific Tsunami Centre has not issued a warning– despite the relatively large size of the earthquakes.

More Details Later

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