OMG!! Chinese Policeman Spotted Forcefully Pushing A Woman Carrying Baby Into Ground in video (Photo)

A video showing a policeman forcefully wrestling a woman holding a child to the ground has sparked outrage on Chinese social media.


The altercation is said to have happened during a row about a parking ticket in a suburb of Shanghai.

In the video, a policeman can be seen arguing with a woman holding a young child.

As she approaches him and appears to push him, the policeman violently throws the woman to the ground, sending the toddler crashing down hard on the pavement.

Witnesses then rush in to assist the crying child as police restrain the woman.

A second video shows the woman being handcuffed and appearing to have bruises and swelling to her face.

Shanghai police have confirmed the incident happened at 10.30, local time in Songjiang District of the city, and reportedly said the matter is under investigation.

The woman and child have both been taken for medical examination, according to Chinese News outlet

Responding to the video, Chinese Twitter users condemned the brutality of the arrest.

“No matter what she does you also can’t do this to a child,” said one comment.

“Police have a problem,” said another.



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