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Top 10 Small Businesses You Can Do To Make Money in Ghana This 2017


Top 10 Small Businesses You Can Do To Make Money in Ghana This 2017

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Ghanaians are sitting watching and complaining about the government. Below are some businesses that well-to-do Ghanaians can start to make income and help the Ghanaian economy. Lets not sit and watch whiles foreigners take over our land. Lets go !!

1. Computer Services

Africa is catching on with the rest of the world with respect to internet technology. If you are technologically inclined, you can setup shop in Ghana and start offering e-services to clients. Example of such e-services include Web designing and development, App development, Digital marketing services, Bulk SMS services, Online registration of exams such as WAEC, SAT, TOEFL, etc.


2. Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is a booming business in Ghana  and the trend is not dying anytime soon. With 25+ million mouths to feed daily, there will always be demand for livestock products. However, lack of technical know-how and the use of old fashioned equipment are the major factors hampering the growth of this industry. If you can come in with adequate knowledge and the patience to nurture this business, you will reap immensely. Now you can choose to either venture into livestock breeding of animals or better still, you can stick to livestock feed production or equipment retailing.
◦Poultry farming – Egg production, meat production, hatchery or day-old-chicks production, etc.
◦Cattle Farming – Diary (milk) production, beef, etc.

◦Goat Farming
◦Fish Farming
◦Piggery (note, I don’t take pork though, haha)
◦Snail Farming

3. Agro-products exportation

Ghana is blessed with a lot of food and natural resources; and most of these natural resources are raw materials needed for the production of some finished products. Every day, tons of raw materials and food products leave the shores of Ghana to countries such as India, Vietnam, China, USA, UK, Brazil, etc; yet, the demand is never met. You can become an exporter by simply registering with the Ghana Import and  Export Promotion Council and decide on the specific product you wish to export. Examples of products highly in demand are Chili pepper, Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, Gari(we not the only ones eating Gob3, haha), Cocoa, Groundnut, Yam, Cashew nuts, Tomatoes etc.

4. Mining

Ghana  is blessed with a lot of mineral resources like Gold, Diamond, Iron ore, Bauxite, etc. Aside this, the mining industry in Ghana is set to take off because the government in 2013 implemented the Local Content Policy to favor Ghanaians in the mining and oil sector. This act I believe, will spur the growth in the mining sector. If you have the financial capacity and a team, you can position yourself in this sector. Don’t let foreigners take us over.

5. Setting up Small Private refinery

There are lots of business opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Building a private refinery and refining crude oil is another business you should look into because there is a lot of potential in it. It is a known fact that most of petroleum products consumed in Ghana are imported. Since there is no more petrol subsidy in Ghana, this business will be a very profitable one.Just make little research about it if you have ample capital.

6. Establish a Television and Radio Broadcast Station

I see an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors with interest and competence in broadcasting or mass media. You can either choose to setup a radio station or TV Station. But not in the main cities such as Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. Those cities are already saturated (not the chemical saturation) with TV and Radio stations.Instead, you can establish some at the Eastern, Northern and Volta parts of the country since they don’t have may private TV stations of their own. You can become rich with this.

7. Set up a security company

There is a huge demand for excellent security services in Ghana. As the government battle to improve the security situation in the country, individuals and corporate entities are now becoming aware of the fact that security is not the responsibility of the government alone; it is a collective responsibility. Hence, the current increase in demand for security guards, bodyguards, executive protection professionals and security gadgets or devices. We have all seen how the Upper East Regional Chairman of NPP, Adams Mahama was killed.And how security at Ghanaian universities is so loose. More security is going to be needed by the schools and Politicians. As an entrepreneur or investor, you can setup a security guard recruitment or training company, or you can setup a bodyguard agency. Also, you can import and sell security products and safety devices such as security cameras, bullet proofs etc.

8. Construction company

Ghana is still a developing country especially in the area of infrastructure but this is set to change in the nearest future. Massive constructions are currently on-going in Ghana ranging from bridges, roads, towers and skyscrapers, etc. If you are a rich Ghanaian overseas, or you have the financial capacity to assemble the needed team and machinery for a construction company; then this is a business you should invest in.

9. Real Estate development

I have met a lot of individuals with money piling up in the bank, but they don’t seem to know what to do with that money. Yet I hear stories of people facing accommodation pr
oblems; not because they can’t afford it but because there is none within their choice of location. Also, I hear woeful stories from students in various universities and other high institutions who live under harsh conditions; not because they want to or can’t afford a comfortable place to live; but because there is no conducive apartment in close proximity to the institutions.Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology (My own school) and Garden City University are prime examples.

I also know the stress, effort and resources it took me before I got a place for an internet cafe business for my brother at Bantama, Kumasi. What these facts or complaints are pointing to is that there is a massive need for buildings, both residential and commercial. It is a known fact that shelter is one of the basic needs of man. Now for those who wouldn’t want to go through the ups and downs of running a business, you can choose to invest in development of hotels, school hostels for students, shopping malls, residential apartments, etc.

10. Importation of wears

Clothing is another basic need of man. Regardless of the economy, people must wear clothes and this includes shoes, bags, underwear, perfumes, etc. Now there is a fast growing trend now and that is “Used clothes” or “Recycled clothes” also known locally as “Fos” Since the economy is getting tougher and there’s need to be clothed, the masses have resolved to buying used clothes rather than new ones. Still yet, there is a market for new clothes; for men, women, and kids. You can source your materials from China, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Dubai, India, etc.If you want to know how to do this, contact me.


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