What Is Rumen Fistula? Imagine Making Holes In Cow’s Stomach – Find Out More

What Is Rumen Fistula? Imagine  Making Holes In Cow’s Stomach – Find Out More
August 22
11:39 2017

What Is Rumen Fistula? Making Holes In Cow’s Stomach – Find Out More..

Have you ever wished to shove up your hand in the stomach of a cow? If yes, then Swiss Farmers are the ones who can offer you a chance to do that.
If you see giant stomach holes in cows, remember that it is placed there for a reason and these holes are called rumen fistulas.

A hole is cut on the sides of the cows and then a tube is placed such that it goes down directly to the stomach.

The hole is always open because a rubber gasket is placed along on the opening and it is also sealed with a special cap.

Once a cow recovers from this procedure, the hole in the cow’s stomach helps the vets and farmers who are responsible for the care of the cow to monitor the digestive process of the cow. Accordingly, they can even create the proper diet for the cow.

The intelligent farmers these days know that a cow that is able to fulfill farming objectives has the ability to be regulated. Cows are loaded of valuable microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria. The fungi and bacteria are what lets a cow digest the plant substances they eat.

If there is any problem in the digestive system that a cow may have trouble with, the stomach holes also allow the farmer to insert aforementioned fungi and bacteria directly into the stomach.

The stomach holes give the farmers a chance of evaluation of digestion and giving their cows optimal food.

While there are some who believe that this procedure is good for the cow’s health, PETA feels that this procedure is only helpful and beneficial for the bottom line of certain industries.

It is also believed that the stomach holes of the cows are useful in overall longevity and also makes them well weighted and well looked after.

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