Ladies In The House!! See 6 Remarkable Signs He’s Completely In Love With You

Ladies In The House!! See 6 Remarkable Signs He’s Completely In Love With You
August 03
20:29 2017

Ever wondered if a guy is in love with you or not? I have some little tips here that will help out.

1. You catch him staring at you just a little longer than usual.


This is totally different to him checking you out. This is when you’re together but both concentrating on something else and you look up at him only to find your eyes meet, and this time you know something’s different because he takes a little longer than usual to look away. He’s crazy about you and his eyes can’t help but linger on you.

2. He wants you to meet his friends and family.

He encourages meet ups with his close friends and family because it’s important to him that you all get along with each other. Only a man who sees yours as a long term relationship will bother making introductions to his nearest and dearest, so it’s safe to say he sees you becoming part of his family in the future.

3. Most of his free time is spent with you.

And he likes it this way. He never gets tired of your company, and wants to spend as much time as he possibly can with you. You don’t have to plan anything special in order to get him to show up. This does not mean he should always be with you. Of course you have your own life and he has his own.

4. He always wants and values your opinion

Whether it’s something small like what he should wear or something big , he always runs everything by you because your opinion is incredibly important to him. Men don’t like to admit when they need help or advice, so if he’s actively reaching out to you it’s because he has the utmost respect and trust for you.

5. When you’re upset, he won’t stop until he makes you feel better

When you have a problem, he takes it on as his own problem. He’ll be concerned about your feelings, will listen patiently to all of your problems – no matter what they are and will be there for you until your tears run dry and that beautiful smile reappears on your face.

6. He remembers the important things about you.

Like your birthday, the anniversary of when you guys became official, and your favourite perfume. He remembers all of these things because when you speak, he wants to soak up everything you say so he knows and understands you just a little bit more than he did yesterday. You know he’s falling in love with you when you don’t have to constantly remind him of the things that are important to you, because they’ve become important to him as well.


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