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Beware!! Groundnut Oil With Bad Odour. They Are Fake!

This may shock you but it is very true. It happened on Saturday, 12th Aug. My neighbour bought a bottle of groundnut oil from the market. It was not any of the brand names in the groundnut oil business. It was also cheaper. He fried some potato that Saturday morning using his hotplate. When he was done frying, he put off the hotplate and he left the frying pan on the it. He left for work.

On coming back,he discovered that something that shocked him. The supposed groundnut oil had turned into a thick black paste (something like coal tar). The hotplate hit the oil to the extent that the other chemical escaped and then, the thick black paste was left behind.

My people, the picture below is the what many of us consume everyday as groundnut. When it settles in our bodies, this is what they form. It is dangerous and deadly.

Avoid buying groundnut oil without a brand name.

Avoid groundnut oil that has very bad odour. It is probably a fake one and can kill.

Inform your loved ones. Stay safe!

Posted by on August 15, 2017.

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